May 2013 Resources

Leadership Is Available to Everyone

By Andy Carroll, ASF When we see people in philanthropy speak out, advocate, and mobilize communities, it’s natural to assume they are inherently different from us. We marvel at their boldness. We assume they are extroverted. Full of charisma. Fearless. Yet we now understand that deciding to act boldly is the culmination of a journey that,... Read More

Just Say No to the Dog and Pony Show…and Other Advice on International Site Visits

By Rachel Humphrey, TCC Group In her previous posts, Rachel made the case for small-staff philanthropy’s niche in international giving, and she shared ingredients for success that may apply to domestic giving as well. Here she shares another key ingredient: conducting effective site visits. Which of her pointers can you apply to your philanthropy, international or... Read More

Continual Learning Through Intention and Evaluation

By Colleen O’Keefe, Sauer Children’s Renew Foundation Originally posted in Giving Forum, Minnesota Council on Foundations’  free, quarterly newspaper. Sauer Children’s Renew Foundation, a member of MCF and Exponent Philanthropy, is committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged children and their families.  The Sauer Children’s Renew Foundation is a small family foundation with a mission... Read More

Convening to Build Capacity

By Elaine Gast Fawcett on behalf of Exponent Philanthropy When it comes to learning about important issues and moving the needle in the right direction, convening is a low-cost and high-impact leadership tool you can’t overlook. The Exponent Philanthropy member John Gogian Family Foundation and executive director Lindsey Stammerjohn began convening grantees in 2010 as part of a capacity building initiative. They... Read More