February 2014 Resources

8 Sources of Data to Inform Your Giving

By Akilah Massey, Exponent Philanthropy Data has found its place in philanthropy as two important trends converge: a movement toward impact, and a surge of digital information from government, regulatory, and nonprofit organizations. Exponent Philanthropy member Fran Sykes and fellow trustees of The Pascale Sykes Foundation use a mix of state data on school achievement and information from... Read More

What Is Financial Due Diligence Really All About?

By Andy Carroll, Exponent Philanthropy Carol Cantwell, founder of Fun With Financials, works with nonprofits and foundations to build financial literacy and align philanthropy with true financial health. We spoke with her about her Financial Health Assessment Tool mentioned in a recent Project Streamline blog post, designed to dig into grantees’ financial health without requiring budgets, and... Read More

Going Public With Your Giving

By Hanh Le, Exponent Philanthropy Some philanthropists decide to operate in the public realm early on. But others go public at some point over time, often when they feel compelled to act. However it emerges, going public can be a pivotal transition point and a bold act of leadership. The Troy Savings Bank Charitable Foundation quietly awarded grants... Read More