December 2014 Resources

The Power of Our Peer Coaching Circle

By Johanna Anderson, The Belk Foundation; Janis Reischmann, Hau’oli Mau Loa Foundation; Daphne Rowe, Donley Foundation; and Lindsey Stammerjohn, John Gogian Family Foundation Over the past year, four of us—all women who work as executive directors of foundations with few staff—have been participating in a peer coaching group that grew out of Exponent Philanthropy’s Master... Read More

Pioneering a Unique Kind of Changemaking

When philanthropists are at work—even if meeting with nonprofits, bringing together people in the community, or speaking out on important issues—it is their potential to bestow grants that draws our attention. Everything philanthropists do, whether or not it involves the transfer of dollars, is called grantmaking. In a society where money consumes our attention, several... Read More