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Office of the CEO & Leadership

Henry-casualHenry L. Berman

Chief Executive Officer
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Henry leads Exponent Philanthropy using his wealth of experience managing people, projects, and budgets in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. He was instrumental in helping the Association of Small Foundations (ASF) evolve into Exponent Philanthropy. Read more >>

Jeanne MetzgerJeanne Metzger

Chief Development and Marketing Officer
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Contact Jeanne about ways to support our activities and mission.

Jeanne leads our development, marketing and membership efforts and is a member of our leadership team.  She is keenly focused on maximizing Exponent Philanthropy’s resources, expanding its reach, and elevating its position within the philanthropic sector. 


CynthiaCynthia Schaal

Chief Program Officer
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Cynthia Schaal leads our content, programs, and services efforts and is a member of our leadership team. She works with in-house teams, foundation practitioners, and sector leaders to bring the most relevant expertise and practical guidance to our membership. She brings extensive past experience in generating best practice insights and resources for nonprofit hospital and health system leaders.  




Kim Adkinson

Associate Director, Marketing & Communications
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Contact Kim with questions about Essentials and our blog.

Kim manages our social media efforts, PhilanthroFiles blog, and quarterly publication Essentials. She is also our in-house “word wizard” and provides editorial support across the organization.
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AleshaAlesha Burk

Development Coordinator
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Alesha supports the development department and manages our Directory of Foundation and Philanthropy Advisors. Learn more >>


Andy Carroll

Senior Program Director
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Contact Andy about philanthropic leadership, grantmaking strategies, and our Discussion Lists.

Andy develops resources and programs on grantmaking, leadership, and trends in small-staffed philanthropy and is a trained facilitator in civic reflection. He works to empower more foundations and donors to take advantage of their unique position to provide leadership on important issues they feel passionate about. 



Andrea Clay

Director of Corporate Partnerships
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Contact Andrea about partnership opportunities

Andrea works to help our corporate partners achieve their business goals and provide value to our members. She loves the challenge of finding the value proposition on both sides of a partnership and thrives as a liaison to our partners. Read more >> 

Marice Fernando

Marice Fernando

Manager of Knowledge Management & Member Engagement
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Contact Marice about membership renewal and joining our community.

Marice is the heart of our membership team, answering member questions and facilitating member renewals and new member applications. She is also the point person for our database, keeping staff informed and member information current.

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Serenity Greenfield

Director of Marketing
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Serenity works to ensure the growth and success of our programs, content, and membership through innovative marketing and communications strategies. She is a marketing nerd to the core and has been championing the work of associations for the majority of her career.  



Althea Georgantas

Program Manager
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Althea keeps our member informed and connected through creative education programs and learning opportunities. She coordinates our biennial CONNECT Conference and manages the organization’s distance learning programs, bridging the geographic gap of our national membership.


Lauren Kotkin

Lauren Kotkin

Director, Educational Programs
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Contact Lauren about our National Conference.

Lauren blends creativity and detail to deliver Exponent Philanthropy's educational programs. She is the leader of the Educational Programs Team and plans our biennial National Conference and contributes to our collection of daylong seminars. 



Ruth Masterson

Senior Program Director
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Contact Ruth about board self-assessment and our data and research.

Ruth works closely with members and staff, creating highly valued written materials and training curricula. She also answers member questions on wide-ranging topics including governance, administration, and tax/legal. 



Laura McHugh

Digital Marketing Manager
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Laura works to provide value to our members by ensuring the effectiveness of our online communications and leveraging our website as a useful communications tool. She excels at creating digestible content out of complex ideas and processes.  



Kristina Nygaard

Program Coordinator
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Kristina manages our one-day seminars and provides support to our Programs and Services Team. She is the master of our registration system and is key in providing excellent support and assistance to members. 



Madelyn Schorr

Content Associate
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Madelyn provides program support to the Content Services team to ensure our members have access to resources that help them amplify their impact. She assists in writing, editing, and distributing content to our members.



Peter Tajat

Director of Finance and Operations
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Contact Peter about invoices, payments for services, office and conference space, or building operations.

Peter keeps our building and our systems running smoothly and he is the first person we turn to for everything from questions about equipment managing our program budgets. He has a range of key responsibilities, including internal technology support, building management, accounting, staff support, and managing our front line staff. 



Heather Ukryn

Operations Associate
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Heather keeps our office operations running smoothly and is the first person most members meet or speak with. She is a master at juggling multiple tasks, provides wonderful customer service, and is always looking to improve our internal processes to better serve our members and make things easier for staff.

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