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Are You an Accidental Techie?

By Maru Willson, Exponent Philanthropy Are you the go-to person for technology in your office, but “technology” isn’t in your job description? Then you’re an accidental techie, a common role in small offices. Exponent Philanthropy member Rachel Ayn Pickens, program officer at the Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation, became an accidental techie because she... Read More

Growing Into a Board Member Role

By Diana Tyler Heath and Molly Tarrant, Arabella Advisors One of the most rewarding elements of advising families is watching their engagement deepen and their family bonds strengthen, often through the addition of next generation board members who are passionate about making an impact and who bring new skills and perspectives. As we’ve seen with... Read More

Ways to Build a Culturally Competent Board

By Howie Schaffer, Bonanza Communications Can greater cultural competency help funders better align their resources with needs? Despite notable accomplishments and donors who care a great deal about serving historically underserved populations, philanthropy continues to struggle to achieve social change for the communities and populations that need it most.  Even the most thoughtful and productive... Read More

Make Way for Mentoring

By Stephen Alexander, Exponent Philanthropy Who do you turn to for advice on becoming a great trustee or an effective donor, or overcoming on-the-job challenges? As part of our Next Gen Fellows Program, a training program for emerging philanthropic leaders, we launched a mentoring program to pair fellows with seasoned practitioners. It taught us just how... Read More

Living in Truth

The life of Martin Luther King, Jr. calls us to remember that truth can be found not only in grant evaluations and reports, not only in surveys and community assessments, or in the vast sets of data available to us as philanthropists. Dr. King reminds us that truth can be found in our hearts. Extraordinary... Read More