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Readying Your Philanthropy for an Influx of Assets

By Elaine Gast Fawcett, Four Winds Writing, Inc. Ramping up—or significantly increasing charitable giving or activities—can be an empowering transition point in your philanthropy. It can also leave you bewildered by the complexities that come with your new normal. What does it mean to ramp up in response to an influx of assets—perhaps the most common... Read More

Measuring the Effectiveness of Capacity Building Support: A Metrics Menu

By Sammy Politziner and Scott Thomas, Arbor Brothers As funders increasingly seek to supply resources beyond financial support to their grantees, many are engaging third-party consultants to provide capacity building assistance. But how can funders know whether these resources are really strengthening grantees? What are some reasonable benchmarks for evaluating this assistance? We at Arbor Brothers are... Read More

Why We Focus on Learning

By Janis Reischmann, Hau’oli Mau Loa Foundation When I joined Hau’oli Mau Loa Foundation in 2008, the board and I realized that we could leverage our grants by promoting learning among ourselves and our grantee partners. A learning mindset makes it possible for our ears to be attuned to input.Because we strive to approach everything as... Read More

Board Succession: From Planless to Inspired

By Ruth Masterson, Exponent Philanthropy  Does your grantmaking organization have a succession plan in place? If you’re struggling with succession—or haven’t dealt with this tricky topic on your board—you’re not alone. In our most recent member survey, we learned that 27% of members have completed their plans, 29% are working on one now, and 39% plan... Read More