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How Your Generation Influences Your Giving

By Janice Simsohn Shaw, Exponent Philanthropy The manager, a Baby Boomer, wants to schedule a meeting where she can sit across the table from her employees and discuss the latest project. Her longtime staff member from the World War II generation is ready to go, looking to share stories about what used to work well for... Read More

Foundation Trustees Protect Education, Find Their Policy Voice

By Andy Carroll, Exponent Philanthropy Three years ago in Texas, foundations confronted a profound crisis. For decades, funders working on public education have invested tens of millions and countless hours to support the public schools and the millions of students from low-income backgrounds served by those schools. These foundations have long been committed to numerous partnerships... Read More

Build a Pipeline of Philanthropic Talent

By Janice Simsohn Shaw, Exponent Philanthropy What keeps our members up at night? Succession, or the crucial task of passing the leadership baton. Building a pipeline of philanthropic talent to assume key leadership roles—on the board, on staff, or otherwise—is one great way to prepare for succession. Through our Next Gen Fellows Program, a 6-month training... Read More

How to Make Big Data Relevant and Useful

Many common themes in philanthropy today revolve around the promises of “Big Data.” Grantmakers are continually called upon to be more transparent and to share their data, but many have become cynical as past data projects failed more than a few times due to incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated data. A misunderstanding regarding how their data... Read More

Strengthening the Nonprofit Sector by Strengthening Nonprofit Boards

By Cheryl Taylor, Foellinger Foundation Integrity. Responsibility. Accountability. Results. From our founders’ values, the Foellinger Foundation identified a strategy to realize their intent: We seek to fund effective nonprofits that serve children and families. But to ensure there are effective grantees in our community of Allen County, Indiana, we quickly identified a bigger goal of... Read More