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Grantmaking by Conversation Not Proposal—Could You?

Earlier this month, Project Streamline’s lead consultant, Jessica Bearman, talked with ASF members June Wilson and Lenore Hanisch of the Quixote Foundation about the small foundation’s unique style of grantmaking and the values that underlie it—a grantmaking program that includes conversations in lieu of proposals and “Bright Spots” funding, in which they sent unanticipated, unrequested grants with no strings attached to organizations doing work they believed in.

One of our core values is standing shoulder to shoulder. This is why we don’t accept proposals. When we see something interesting, we have conversations with the people who are behind it. We are trying to achieve our mission of free people in fair societies on a healthy planet… and our grantees are the ones doing this important work. We think the best way to do it is for the grantee to lead and we try to learn and share what we know.

When we say partnership, we really mean it.

Do you have—or do you want to cultivate—relationships with grantees that allow you to give in this way?

Read the full post on Project Streamline’s blog.

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Project Streamline is a collaboration of organizations in the field of philanthropy working together to address the great waste of time and energy caused by inconsistent and inefficient reporting and application procedures in grantmaking. The goals of the project are to identify the flaws in the current application, monitoring, and reporting practices of grantmakers; develop recommended principles, resources, and tools to help grantmakers address those flaws; and support grantmaker efforts to change. Follow Project Streamline @ProjStreamline, consultant Jessica Bearman @jbearwoman, and Quixote Foundation @QuixoteTilts


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