Newest Philanthropy Lessons Videos

April 27, 2016

Today Exponent Philanthropy releases the sixth and seventh videos in its 9-part series:

Philanthropy Lessons: Who Knows More?
If we give ourselves a license to learn from our grantees and the people they serve, we can be more effective. Hear from leading philanthropists about building respect and trusting the people who are working day in and day out with the complex issues we care about.

Philanthropy Lessons: Being Transparent
Successful philanthropy is built on transparency between the funder and the grantee, and within the funding community. It’s our mutual responsibility to communicate honestly with one another and to the communities we serve.

Philanthropy Lessons is a video series and campaign produced by Exponent Philanthropy, funded by the Fund for Shared Insight, and released in partnership with The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

The series shares wisdom from some of the industry’s most inspirational funders and their grantees about what they have learned throughout their philanthropic careers. They do so to help others be more effective and efficient in creating change and to inspire others to share their philanthropy lessons.

The videos cover themes that apply across geographies, issues areas, and funder size. The series will publish new videos monthly through June 2016.

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