Welcome, New & Returning Members!

July 07, 2016

Exponent Philanthropy members work in virtually all communities and support causes of every kind. They use a wide range of vehicles and strategies. Assets range from small to large. Some are new to philanthropy; others, seasoned.

 Welcome to our new and returning members who joined us in June 2016: 

The Atkins Young Artists Program, Inc.: Jupiter, FL
Bently Foundation: Minden, NV
Bernstein Family Foundation: Washington, DC
Nicole Bessette: Palm Beach, FL
Campbell Family Foundation: Wilmette, IL
Robert Sterling Clark Foundation: New York, NY
Sam L. Cohen Foundation: Portland, ME
Consuelo Foundation: Honolulu, HI
Frankel Family Foundation: Broomfield, CO
Julian Grace Foundation: Highland Park, IL
Hirsch & Associates: San Francisco, CA
Intrepid Philanthropy Foundation: San Francisco, CA
KMZ Foundation: Fairfax, VA
Andrew Katzenberg: New York, NY
Lawrence Foundation: Roslyn Harbor, NY
Levin Family Foundation: Dayton, OH
Lineberry Foundation: Albuquerque, NM
Jacques M. Littlefield Foundation: San Carlos, CA
Martha McCluskey: Buffalo, NY
Marshall L. and Perine D. McCune Charitable Foundation: Santa Fe, NM
The Mini-Time Machine Inc.: Tucson, AZ
NKC Family Foundation: Geneva, IL
Abra Prentice Foundation, Inc.: Chicago, IL
The Prosper Road Foundation: Chicago, IL
Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust: Winston-Salem, NC
Sanger Family Foundation: Wayzasta, NM
Sarnat Family Foundation: Brooklyn, NY
Sheryl Lee Osborne Foundation: Encinitas, CA


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