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2018 National Conference

Exponent Philanthropy’s biennial National Conference is the largest gathering of foundations, families, and individuals who give with few or no staff. Our national conferences have a strong reputation for engaging the head and heart, providing meaningful opportunities to connect and learn collaboratively, and radiating a welcoming culture that makes everyone feel part of a supportive... Read More

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Next Gen Fellows Program

The Next Gen Fellows Program is a 6-month training fellowship for dynamic leaders roughly 18–35 years old who are involved in all types of foundations as current or soon-to-be trustees or staff. The program is designed for deep learning and peer networking to prepare the next generation for leadership roles. In this program, you will:... Read More

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Trustee Essentials Seminar

Foundation board service can be incredibly rewarding but must be rooted in a solid understanding of essential responsibilities and decisions. This one-day seminar is designed for board members, trustees, and key staff who work with the board of leanly staffed foundations who need a crash course or refresher in the basic tenets of foundation governance,... Read More

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Foundations 101 Virtual Seminar

Get up to speed on foundation essentials with this series of virtual seminars on the key components of running a foundation: getting started, governance basics, legal issues, grantmaking, and investments. Learn the basics about the importance and the impact of each facet of foundation operations and come away with usable tips. Participants are encouraged to... Read More

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Foundations 101 Virtual Seminar: Getting Started

In this first module of the Foundations 101 virtual seminar, hear an overview of the nonprofit sector and where foundations fit in. Learn about some key administrative pieces to get into place before you get started, and how your foundation’s strategy impacts those decisions. By the end of this module participants will be able to:... Read More

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The Right Time to Right-Size

When grantmaking and evaluation processes are right-sized, the information, due diligence and reporting requirements are proportionate to the size of the grant, appropriate to the type of grant,  and take into consideration prior relationships with grantees. When right-sizing isn’t in place, the process is more burdensome for both the grantmaker and the grantseeker.  In this program, presented in partnership with PEAK Grantmaking, participants will... Read More

Increasing Your Foundation’s Effectiveness Through Self-Evaluation

How effective are your foundation’s daily operations?  How do you evaluate success in governance, operations, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and evaluation? What tools or strategies do you use to measure your foundation’s operational and management performance, and how well do they work?    Come join this peer-led conversation and share your experiences for improving your... Read More