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Members use the Directory to find:

  • How other foundations get their work done (e.g. hiring staff, managing grants)
  • People with shared funding areas
  • Advice on funding strategies
  • Thought partners
  • Many other connections!

Use of the Directory constitutes compliance with the Terms of Use.

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How am I listed?

Basic listing

Members are automatically searchable by name, foundation name, city, and state.

Expanded listing

Members can add their contact information, details about their funding interests and / or areas of expertise.

Note: Members who make their livings in related fields, such as investment advisors, are asked not to volunteer in those areas; the Directory is specifically for individuals to share experiences from the day-to-day workings of their foundations.

Manage your listing

As always, Exponent Philanthropy takes your personal information seriously. The Directory is accessible only to fellow members and is not to be used for solicitation or any commercial purpose.

How can I remove myself from the Member Directory?

To remove your basic listing, e-mail your name and foundation to Marice Fernando or call (202) 580-6560.

Delete information from your expanded listing

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"The tendency to feel that I'm working in a vacuum is marvelously relieved by the understanding, encouragement, and expertise of other ASF members. I do a better job as a result."

— Elizabeth Curtis, Atkinson Foundation, CA