Member Benefits: TechSoup & NGOsource

Exponent Philanthropy members are eligible for several discounts through TechSoup.

TechSoup helps nonprofits get and use technology. Since 1987, more than 700,000 nonprofits, libraries, foundations, and religious organizations have received technology donations through TechSoup. TechSoup partners with foundations to support their philanthropic initiatives — helping foundations and their grantees access and use technology to its fullest potential and facilitating international grantmaking through NGOsource.

Software and hardware donations

Foundations and their grantees are eligible to receive software and hardware donations from TechSoup. The average TechSoup user has a small staff and has saved thousands of dollars on technology costs through TechSoup’s programs.

If you have questions about TechSoup, please contact Christopher Worman at TechSoup.

NGOsource: Support for international grantmaking

NGOsource, a project of the Council on Foundations and TechSoup Global, is an online equivalency determination (ED) service that minimizes the cost and complexity of international grantmaking. ED is a process U.S.-based foundations can use to meet their IRS compliance requirements for international grants. 

Over 90 U.S. grantmakers are actively using NGOsource, and NGOsource wants to help all grantmakers, big and small, thrive. 

All Exponent Philanthropy members* are eligible for a free year of NGOsource membership, a savings of $1,000

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*If your annual grant budget exceeds $5 million annually, please contact Ken Tsunoda for a waiver.