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1 of 5 Experienced Donors Cite Political and Regulatory Environment as Impacting 2017 Giving Choices, November 1, 2017
A new survey by Exponent Philanthropy shows almost half (45%) of respondents expect to give more dollars in 2017. Read more >>

82% of Grantmakers Expect Philanthropy to Play a More Important Role in Society as a Result of Recent Changes in Washington, DC, April 25, 2017
Results of non-partisan survey by Exponent Philanthropy show that Grantmakers are watching D.C. closely; impact will likely effect giving more than investing. Read more >>

New Report Details Shifts in Foundation Operations & Grantmaking, February 1, 2017
More foundations that operate with few or no staff are engaging in activities that expand beyond traditional grantmaking, according to Exponent Philanthropy’s 2017 Foundation Operations and Management Report. Exponent Philanthropy is the nation’s largest philanthropic member association, composed of nearly 2,000 members across the country. Read more >>

Philanthropy Leaders Share Lessons & Call for Increased Openness, January 25, 2016
Philanthropy Lessons is a new video series and campaign produced by Exponent Philanthropy, the nation’s largest philanthropic membership organization. It shares wisdom from some of the industry’s most inspirational funders about what they have learned throughout their philanthropic careers to help others be more effective and efficient in creating change. Read more >>

New Report Details How Foundations Create Change, January 11, 2016
Small-staffed foundations are using a variety of strategies to make their grant dollars go further, according to Exponent Philanthropy’s 2016 Foundation Operations and Management Report, released today. Read more >>

New Analysis Details Outsized Impact of Small Foundations, February 23, 2016

Philanthropists with few or no staff granted $4.4 billion; assets top $87 billion. Read more >>


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