Host Committee

The 2018 National Conference Host Committee plays an active role in both the planning and execution of our largest conference. The committee taps into its extensive knowledge of the Chicago area to elevate local issues, innovations, and communities throughout the conference.

Starting in September 2017, the Host Committee collaborates with staff to accomplish the following: 

  • Identify nonprofit organizations as hosts for site visits and service projects.
  • Recommend local speakers for plenary and concurrent sessions.
  • Identify local artists to enhance cultural and entertainment offerings during the conference, and local restaurants for group dinners.
  • Help raise funds to make the conference a success, through outreach to potential conference partners as well as their own generous contributions.
  • Raise awareness of, participation in, and support of the conference among the local philanthropic community.

2018 National Conference Host Committee 

Exponent Philanthropy thanks and recognizes the following individuals and organizations for serving on our 2018 National Conference Host Committee:

Jennifer Leith
Executive Director
The Alfred and Mary Douty Foundation
Host Committee Chair

Louis Beccaria
President & CEO
Phoenixville Community Health Foundation

Elizabeth Christopherson
President & CEO
The Rita Allen Foundation

Clifton Covey
Board Member
The Lois Lenski Covey Foundation

Valerie V. Gay
Board Member
The Barra Foundation

Joy Horwitz
Executive Director
"The Woods" Charitable Foundation

Christina Kind
Managing Trustee
The Patricia Kind Family Foundation

Farrah Parkes
The Valentine Foundation

Karen Race
Grants & Communications Manager
Claneil Foundation

Huldah Robertson
Vice President - Business Development Manager

Teresa Rodgers
Executive Director
The Presser Foundation

Jenny Snyder
Program Manager
Grace S. & W. Linton Nelson Foundation