Investments Sample Documents

Members and fellow colleagues have provided the following sample documents to help you manage your philanthropy with few or no staff.

Investment Policy Statements

  • IPS 1 - Two-page investment policy statement (Word, PDF
  • IPS 2 - Two-page investment policy statement  (Word, PDF)
  • IPS 3 - Two-page general statement, with focus on delegation of responsibilities (Word, PDF
  • IPS 4 - Three-page general statement (PDF)
  • IPS 5 - Four pages, with large focus on socially responsible investments (SRI) (Word, PDF)
  • IPS 6 - Seven-page statement, including definitions, delegation of authority, and selection and evaluation of investment managers (Word, PDF
  • IPS 7 - Eight-page Mission-Related Investment Statement (PDF)
  • IPS 8 - 13-page statement, including purpose, extensive implementation, selection of investment managers, general SRI clause (Word, PDF)
  • IPS 9 - 24-page statement - one of philathropy's leaders in mission related investing (Word, PDF)
  • Mission Investing Policy Statement (Word, PDF)


Summary of Investment Performance (Word, PDF)

Working With Investment Professionals

  • Investment Consultant Search (Word, PDF
  • Investment Advisor Search - Interview Questions (Word, PDF)
  • Investment Advisor RFP (Word, PDF
  • Investment Advisor Search - Request for Proposal (PDF)
  • Questions for Potential Manager (Word, PDF)