Impact & Evaluation

Planning for Impact

  • Can impact happen in a single grant?

  • What are the benefits of focusing your giving?

  • How can we encourage our key decision makers to work towards finding a focus?

  • What are some of the ways donors, families and boards come to consensus about focus?

  • How does our focus relate to our mission?

  • Once we have a focus, what do we do next?

  • What is impact?

  • Why is it worth it to pursue impact?

  • How do you achieve impact as a funder with few or no staff?

  • Why is it important to decide what you want to accomplish?

  • What is planning?

  • What are some reasons a donor or board should consider engaging in planning?

  • What are some of the reasons donors and boards are reluctant to engage in planning?

  • What are the steps for developing our strategy and goals?

  • What is a theory of change?

  • How can we align the rest our operations with our plans for impact?

Evaluating for Impact

Effective Evaluation

  • What are some of the greatest pitfalls for funders engaging in evaluation?

  • When should we consider hiring a professional evaluator?

  • What are some of the reasons funders engage in evaluation?

  • How can a funders with few or no staff effectively engage in evaluation?

  • How can we evaluate our foundation’s grantmaking program?

  • How can we engage grantees and grantseekers in assessing our foundation?

Why Evaluate

  • When is a funder ready to engage in evaluation?

  • If our grantees already evaluate their work, why would we need to evaluate our foundation’s work?

  • How can we motivate our leadership to care about evaluation?

  • Why might a funder with few or no staff consider engaging in evaluation?

  • What is evaluation?


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