Starting Up

Selecting a Giving Structure

  • How do I decide which giving structure is best for me?

Starting a Private Foundation

  • What are the laws our private foundation must follow?

  • How do I start a private foundation?

  • Is it ever recommended to switch the state in which you’re incorporated?

  • What if you have major operations in a state other than the one in which you’re incorporated?

  • In what state should I incorporate the foundation?

Creating a Mission

  • How can I create a mission?

  • What are the benefits of a mission to a funder?

  • Will a mission restrict me too much?

  • Why is developing a mission statement such an important responsibility for the board?

  • Why, in creating a mission, is it important to think about one's deep values and hopes?

  • How does a funder's mission statement help grantseekers?


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