Starting Up

Selecting a Giving Structure

  • How do I decide which giving structure is best for me?

Starting a Private Foundation

  • What are the laws our private foundation must follow?

  • How do I start a private foundation?

  • Is it ever recommended to switch the state in which you’re incorporated?

  • What if you have major operations in a state other than the one in which you’re incorporated?

  • In what state should I incorporate the foundation?

Creating a Mission

  • How can I create a mission?

  • What are the benefits of a mission to a funder?

  • Will a mission restrict me too much?

  • Why is developing a mission statement such an important responsibility for the board?

  • Why, in creating a mission, is it important to think about one's deep values and hopes?

  • How does a funder's mission statement help grantseekers?


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  • Twenty Ways to Make a Difference: Stories From Small Foundations

    Twenty Ways to Make a Difference: Stories From Small Foundations

    Beyond dollars, small foundations hold unique assets such as deep knowledge of community needs, ability to focus over time, reputation as community institutions, and creativity of board members and staff. Learn about 20 ways Exponent Philanthropy members use the full range of foundation assets for the benefit of their mission, goals, or community.

  • Oct 5, 2015 | Chandler, AZ

    2015 CONNECT Conference

    Three days of interactive learning on innovative strategies and fundamentals in philanthropy