September 2017 Resources

What Makes an Effective Nonprofit?

As a donor, you not only have the power to identify effective nonprofits but to build and strengthen the ones most aligned with your goals. Excellent nonprofits are often made, not found. Identifying the impact you want to make will help you narrow the field of potential grantees to those that fit your values, goals,... Read More

Ways to Let the Public Know You Give Grants

Here are ideas for foundations—new or well-established—looking to expand program areas or grantseeker pools: Distribute your mission and guidelines on your website or at local nonprofit events. Talk with other foundations that have similar program interests. They sometimes can refer grantees to you. Ask if your regional association of grantmakers publishes a directory of funders.... Read More

Values-Based Giving During the Great Recession

Given the tremendous and rapid changes in resources and community needs during the Great Recession, foundations reevaluated their work and responded to this new and complex environment. For guidance, some foundations turned to other organizations and experts for recommendations. Others looked inward and used their own missions, values, and histories to respond. What does it... Read More

Understanding Nonprofit Financials

A fairly simple review using any of the following sources will give you information about a nonprofit’s finances. As you get more comfortable with financials or seek detailed information about particular organizations, you can examine financials more extensively: Charity rating services—These Web-based rating services are great starting points for information about nonprofits you are considering.... Read More

The Benefits of Program Related Investments: One Foundation’s Story

As a direct result of a dramatic increase in the foundation’s asset base, the Hutton Foundation decided to offer program related investments (PRIs) to nonprofit organizations. This growth necessitated a quick increase in annual distributions to meet the 5% annual payout requirement set by the Internal Revenue Service. A portion of the foundation’s annual distributions... Read More

Ten Ways to Streamline

10 Ways To Streamline Principles for Peak Grantmaking helps funders reduce the burden of their requirements so grantseekers can dedicate more time to mission-based work. Here are some of their recommendations for streamlining: Right-size applications and reports for small grants. Many foundations ask grantseekers and grantees to complete the same application, regardless of grant size... Read More