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September 2017 Resources

Finding Focus, Honoring Values

The past 10 years have been exciting ones for the Hill-Snowdon Foundation and the Snowdon family. For 40 years prior, we acted as a typical family foundation, coming together once a year to nominally approve grants recommended by family members. We funded some wonderful organizations reflecting the varied interests of the family, but you would... Read More

Engaging Stakeholders for More Effective Grantmaking

Grantmakers can realize an array of benefits by engaging stakeholders effectively: A deeper understanding of issues and problems A truer sense of grantees’ needs and the challenges they’re facing More effective strategies for achieving the foundation’s mission The risks of not doing this work include frayed relationships with grantees and communities, insufficient understanding of key... Read More

Disaster Grantmaking Strategies

In the aftermath of major disasters, individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies—often from all over the world—give vast sums in response to compelling situations. What impact can small grants make when regions are devastated by disaster? “While we live in an age of large organizations and institutions, there are still many circumstances where small is... Read More