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Facilitating Understanding, Communication, and Learning

Developmental evaluation is a hot topic in philanthropy today. It emerged in response to the need for real-time learning in complex and emerging situations—just the situations in which funders tend to find themselves when working with others to find innovative solutions to social problems. “Evaluation is about critical thinking; development is about creative thinking,” writes... Read More

Engaging the Unusual Suspects

Exponent Philanthropy member Janis Reischmann of the Hau‘oli Mau Loa Foundation has spent the past several years working in a close partnership with 10 nonprofits to bring hope to some of Hawaii’s most disenfranchised youths. “The approaches used by our partners are reaching children who were previously very difficult to engage and challenged by typical... Read More

Choosing a Focus

What do you want to achieve with your foundation? Many foundations focus on a particular field of interest, population, or geography. Others focus by strategy (e.g., building technology capacity, developing nonprofit leaders) and bolster a range of grantees by applying those strategies. Settling on a focus is not necessarily an easy step—especially if your foundation... Read More