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October 2017 Resources

Advisors as Fiduciaries (or Not)

Foundations represent a pool of financial resources to be spent for social good. Whereas much has been penned about how to spend foundation resources wisely to maximize impact, less attention generally has been paid to how to care for those resources before they are spent. Stewarding philanthropic resources requires a series of complex economic, market,... Read More

The Makings of Phenomenal Foundation Executive Directors

From masterful communicators to continual learners, phenomenal foundation executive directors share a number of characteristics and skills. Masterful communicators It’s taken me time to feel comfortable communicating from my heart. For many years, I thought of that as less than professional, but I’m learning that part of being an effective communicator is to deliver authentic... Read More

Supporting and Engaging in Networks

An increasing number of grantmakers and nonprofits alike understand that large-scale impact requires working in nontraditional ways with numerous partners. This approach recognizes the interdependence of the people and organizations working on social change through a network, people, groups, or organizations connected by relationships and aligned values. Networks vary in form: They can be both... Read More

Scanning the Landscape: Funder Examples

Funders scan to learn everything there is to know about an issue. They scan to uncover key needs, especially those that are overlooked. They also scan to find out more about their chosen focus areas and to design or refine their strategies. Through scanning, you can learn about promising programs, unsuccessful strategies, barriers to progress,... Read More

Leadership Succession

A leadership succession plan is a written document—approved by the board and easily available to board members—that identifies the process by which leadership will be assumed when key organizational leaders depart, whether the departure is planned or unplanned, permanent or temporary. A succession plan is an essential and critical source of guidance, and an expression... Read More

The Power of Convening

There truly is nothing mysterious or glamorous about convening: It simply means gathering a group of people around a clear, common purpose. Yet, many consider this straightforward tool to be a funder’s most underrated one. Some Exponent Philanthropy members doubt they have the expertise. However, with the freedom and flexibility to make things happen fast, small-staffed funders... Read More