December 2017 - Exponent Philanthropy

December 2017 Resources

Nonprofits for Disaster Relief

Exponent Philanthropy does not recommend particular nonprofits, but you can check with the community foundation in those areas for assistance in understanding the communities’ needs and identifying organizations engaged in direct services. Some of those community foundations are members of Exponent Philanthropy, and we would be happy to make a connection if applicable. You can... Read More

Determining an Organization’s Tax Status

As a private foundation, it is important to know which category the potential grantee falls into; knowing a grantee is a 501(c)(3) is not enough. We have several resources on our website that can help you with due diligence. Charity Check is a one-stop due diligence tool offered by GuideStar that provides up-to-date information on all... Read More

Sample policies

This resource includes a sample whistleblower/anti-fraud policy as a download. Information on creating records retention policies is available here. This article on conflict of interest policies includes sample downloads. Read More