January 2018 - Exponent Philanthropy

January 2018 Resources

Should we have an investment policy?

Developing an investment policy statement (IPS) sets the course for managing your foundation’s assets through time. It also reinforces how your investment policy and practices will help to achieve your foundation’s mission and goals. An IPS should be the starting point and bedrock of an institution’s investment strategy. It constitutes a roadmap of how the... Read More

What options exist for those with small staffs to offer a medical insurance program as part of their benefits package?

One option for Exponent Philanthropy members is to work with TriNet, a new partner that offers HR solutions for small organizations. Members receive a discount on TriNet’s monthly fee. Their services include payroll, risk & compliance, insurance, health care savings accounts, and flexible spending accounts. TriNet allows you to gain access to group insurance and retirement... Read More

Is there an efficient way to evaluate gaps and needs on our board as we open nominations for new trustees?

In identifying and electing the right people to the board, let the foundation’s mission and purpose guide your selection. You may find some criteria in the bylaws or trust document, or the board may more appropriately identify those criteria over time. Learn more about what criteria to consider and download a number of helpful samples,... Read More

Cybersecurity Insurance

Exponent Philanthropy is pleased to partner with USI Affinity to bring foundations with few or no staff exclusive insurance products of exceptional value and quality. The PrivaSafe Cyber Liability Insurance policy from USI Affinity offers a comprehensive suite of data security and privacy insurance solutions that are custom-tailored to your foundation. More information is available... Read More