February 2018 - Exponent Philanthropy

February 2018 Resources

We’re reconsidering our foundation’s policy on board compensation. What’s common among Exponent Philanthropy members?

Although most foundations choose to not compensate board members for routine board service—creating or revising foundation policies, overseeing foundation operations, attending board meetings, and more—one size does not fit all. For some small foundations, culture and assumptions, or specific strategies and rationales, lead the board to compensate its members. Our 2023 Foundation Operations and Management... Read More

Can our foundation, run from the founder’s family office, pay the family office for space and services?

Private foundations cannot engage in the purchase, sale, lease, or exchange of property with a disqualified person—in this case, the founder’s family office—even at below-market rates. The family office may provide space to the foundation at no cost. In addition, private foundations cannot compensate a disqualified person, except for personal services as defined by the... Read More

Is it common for Exponent Philanthropy members to compensate board members for routine board service?

The majority of foundations do not compensate board members for routine board and committee service, but one size does not fit all. Foundations with more assets are more likely to compensate board members, as are non-family foundations. Our publication Board Compensation can help your board carry out a thoughtful discussion about board compensation, craft a policy... Read More

How do Exponent Philanthropy members stay in the know about their communities and causes?

Because the most effective missions and strategies are grounded in a foundation’s values and real needs, funders often “scan the landscape” to uncover funding gaps, reveal opportunities for leverage, or learn more about their chosen missions or focus areas. Here are approaches you might take to scan your communities or issue areas: Talk with people in diverse... Read More