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Self-Dealing and Conflicts of Interest

Self-dealing is prohibited; conflicts of interest can be managed. But the intricacies of the two can be confusing. In this webinar, led by attorney Darren B. Moore of Bourland Wall & Wenzel, find clear, easy-to-follow steps to help you recognize each, avoid self-dealing, and manage conflicts of interest. Learn the laws, discuss common situations and... Read More

How to Avoid Self-Dealing

Self-dealing rules, which prevent foundations from entering into a broad range of dealings with foundation insiders, were developed to ensure foundation assets are only used for charitable purposes. However, these complex rules can be violated without foundation staff members even knowing it. This primer will: Help you know the rules, so you can avoid breaking... Read More

Self-Dealing Issues for Private Foundations That Co-Invest With Disqualified Persons

Private foundations, or PFs, occasionally consider making investments in vehicles in which one or more of their disqualified persons, or DPs (e.g., officers, directors, substantial contributors) also have invested or also are considering an investment. This article focuses on issues raised for investments in vehicles that are owned and managed by persons unrelated to the... Read More

Is This Self-Dealing? Three Questions to Ask

With self-dealing rules that are sometimes confusing, can a small foundation determine whether a potential transaction constitutes self-dealing? It can! Apply these three straightforward questions to any situation. Does the transaction involve a disqualified person? The Internal Revenue Service defines a disqualified person as one of the following: Officers, directors, trustees, and others with similar... Read More

10 Ways Self-Dealing Can Creep Into a Foundation’s Work

The general rule is this: Certain insiders known as disqualified persons are prohibited from engaging in a specific list of transactions with a private foundation, unless exists a stated exception exists. If you are a board member, officer, or substantial contributor to a private foundation, you, your family members, and entities controlled by you must... Read More

Attending to Conflicts of Interest and Self-Dealing

Are you equipped to recognize conflicts of interest and acts of self-dealing? Are you ready to respond if you uncover either at your foundation? Start here, and if you have further questions after reading this article, don’t hesitate to call on Exponent Philanthropy. Recognizing conflicts of interest Conflicts of interest arise when foundation roles intersect... Read More