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Find the Giving Brand You Didn’t Know You Had

Exponent Philanthropy member and foundation consultant Dawn Franks, founder/CEO of Your Philanthropy, recently published the e-book Giving Fingerprints, designed to help funders recognize where their giving is taking them and what it tells others about them. This post is adapted from the e-book, available now for complimentary download. You have a unique giving brand. Whether... Read More

Collaboration Across Differences: A High-Return Investment

In a time when divisive politics often sends people to their partisan corners, funders have the opportunity to play a unique role as bridge-builders. By investing in efforts that bring together individuals and organizations from different sectors and viewpoints, you can contribute to reducing polarization while also laying the groundwork for more lasting societal change.... Read More

Advocacy With a Small “a”—Big Ideas for Small Foundations

While attending Exponent Philanthropy’s 2018 National Conference last month, I had a surprise: I saw a significant number of grantmakers genuinely excited about getting involved in advocacy! At the closing luncheon, I was seated with Melinda McAliney, Director of the Brown Sisters Foundation and Vario Philanthropy, in St Louis, Missouri. She noticed it too and... Read More