Coleman Matching Grant | Exponent Philanthropy

From now until June 1, the Coleman Foundation in Chicago will match any donation you make to Exponent Philanthropy one for one, meaning you have the opportunity, now, to double your impact thanks to the Coleman matching grant.

“Making a great impact as a lean funder with few or no staff is very hard to do. As a fellow member of our association and a valued supporter of its work, I know you share my regard for Exponent Philanthropy’s mission and for its ability to make us great grantmakers. The Coleman Foundation values the learning and connections we find through Exponent Philanthropy.”
-Clark McCain, The Coleman Foundation

During these unprecedented times, our community of lean funders is challenged with caring for our families, supporting our communities, and, all too often, being called upon to make difficult funding choices. The concept of too many worthy causes and not enough resources is probably never truer than today.

When lean funders are uncertain about what’s right or best, looking for new ideas, or feeling alone in making decisions, Exponent Philanthropy is where they connect with answers, experts, and peers to create a community of fulfilled, and, ultimately, more effective philanthropists. 

These past few weeks we have seen the power of our community showcased like never before as members step up to provide guidance, support, and resources for each other, along with the infrastructure that brings us all together. 

What has this looked like in the face of COVID-19:

Now is your chance to help our community thrive during this unprecedented time. This is the proverbial “rainy day” for which we always seem to be saving and it is our moment as funders to step up and make a difference.

Exponent Philanthropy is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (EIN: 65-0617866) that is dedicated to serving funders who practice philanthropy with few or no staff. We rely on your tax-deductible contributions to fund our work.