2022 Annual Conference - Exponent Philanthropy

2022 Annual Conference

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Exponent Philanthropy is thrilled to return to in-person gatherings this year. Our first priority for the 2022 Annual Conference is to provide a safe environment where lean funders can learn and connect.

This event is designed for and by lean funders—those who give with few or no staff. Here, you can let your guard down and talk about the problems affecting the causes and communities you care about most with those who can relate.

At the Exponent Philanthropy Annual Conference, lean funders from across the country come together to:

…learn from each other.
…share what they are doing.
…be inspired.
…chat with friends.
…make friends.
…ask questions.
…find solutions.
…focus on their giving.
…evaluate their practices.
…build their network.
…discover their potential.
…and feel the strength and energy of our community.

Since we last gathered in person, lean funders have been busy! They have been funding in creative ways, convening grantees, diving deep into issue areas, addressing equity issues in their communities, changing legislation, starting grassroots movements… and so much more. This event is our chance to pause, to take a breath, and to look around. To listen to what is possible and has already been done. To rethink what and how we are working. To laugh with colleagues and to give ourselves space to imagine what is possible.

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