Connecting Your Grantmaking Purpose to Your Measurement and Evaluation Efforts

Please join Exponent Philanthropy and Foundant for this complimentary program.

  • How does your grantmaking strategy align with the evaluation/impact goals you set?
  • Do your expectations for reporting data vs story-telling differ and why?
  • What is ideal when it comes to how your grantees should interact with you?
  • How involved do you want to be in their work?
  • What does it look like to truly partner with grantees around achieving shared outcomes?

These questions and more are at the core of how your mission and vision (or purpose) comprise your grantmaking strategy and style – and what that means for how you communicate with your grantees around impact. While grantmakers and grantseekers typically have similar goals when it comes to doing good and making a difference in their communities, there can be different ideas on how to do this best. In this session, we share a “tool” that may help grantmakers support their nonprofits in ways that elevate their collective goals and assist grantees in enhancing their work and strengthen their capacity as a result.

  • Learn about how funder “type” may impact communications and relationships with grantees, especially around evaluation.
  • Understand how the “type” of funder you are can help shape expectations, processes, and the support provided along the way when it comes to data collection, measurement and assessing impact.
  • Explore stories that reflect the genuine partnership between funders and grantees related to evaluation.

**Remember – funders can operate differently for different types of programming, issue areas or portfolios. The key is to consider these questions and set expectations before asking grantees to collect information, provide documentation, and report out, etc.


Sharmila Rao Thakkar
Founder, SRT Advising and Consulting LLC

Sharmila Rao Thakkar, MPH, MPA, is a philanthropy and nonprofit consultant at SRT Advising & Consulting based in New York City. Utilizing expertise in leadership development, program implementation, resource development and communications, she advises clients on operations, strategy, board development, multigenerational engagement, grantmaking and community outreach activities. She is also an affiliate consultant with the Support Center, an adjunct associate instructor in the nonprofit management master’s program in the School of Professional Studies at Columbia University in New York, a 21/64 certified trainer in multigenerational philanthropy, Exponent Philanthropy peer coach, and mentor for philanthropy/nonprofit leadership development programs.



Sammie Holzwarth
Product Manager, Foundant Technologies

In her time with Foundant (since 2011) Sammie Holzwarth has taken on many roles in her path to becoming the Product Manager for GLM/SLM. Starting as an intern with Foundant’s Marketing Team, Sammie then moved into a Client Success Manager role – successfully implementing well over 150 clients. Her Foundant adventure next took her to the Sales Team as Foundant’s GLM/SLM Product Implementation Engineer.