Family Staff

1:45-2:00 pm – Join us 15 minutes early to get comfortable with the platform. The program will begin at 2:00 pm.

When your board members are also your family, the line between work and home gets very blurry. At times it is incredibly fulfilling as you get to work alongside your family making good things happen for grantees, but other times you are the only one working on a family vacation. Join in for small-group conversations to talk about being both family and paid staff at family foundations. Member-host Corinne Korchinski-Fisher will offer an initial prompt to get the conversation started in round one, and for the second round, we’ll crowdsource your topic ideas for small-group discussions.


Corinne Korchinski-Fisher is the executive director of the Korchinski Family Foundation. After a decade as an entrepreneur, she transitioned to the nonprofit sector to manage her family’s foundation in Saskatchewan, Canada, and to develop their charitable organization in Mexico. She continues to manage her family’s philanthropic endeavors that focus on personal and professional development initiatives to support marginalized persons and families.

About Virtual Roundtables

These are low-key member conversations that allow you to dig in, share knowledge, and ask about each other’s experiences through small group discussions.

Our hope is that you’ll be open with your peers and able to talk through your unique challenges. And that you’ll leave with a renewed sense of community and peer connections.

This is your space to explore topics that you are passionate about. Bring your experience to share and your questions to ask of your colleagues.

This program uses Remo. You’ll need to use a desktop, laptop, or phone with Chrome, Safari, or Firefox as your browser. To access the conversation, you’ll receive an email with a link before the program.

Captioning is only available in “presentation mode,” not in the small group conversations. We can provide accommodations upon request (e.g. ASL interpreter). Please contact or call 202-580-6560 by May 17 if you need accommodation.

How to Use Remo Conference