Foundations 101 Virtual Seminar: Grantmaking Basics

Grantmaking basics include more than just developing or following a grantmaking cycle. Lean funders have more tools in their toolbox for making an impact with their giving. In this module of the Foundations 101 virtual seminar, gain insight on focusing your funding, designing a grantmaking program driven by learning, and streamlining your work. By the end of this module participants will be able to:

  • Identify the key steps in creating impact in your giving
  • Learn about resources to help you streamline your grantmaking work

Participants are encouraged to purchase the Foundation Guidebook to complement their learning experience.

Full Foundations 101 Virtual Seminar Schedule

  • May 11: Getting Started
  • May 13: Governance Basics
  • May 18: Legal Basics
  • May 20: Investment Management Oversight
  • May 25: Grantmaking Basics

Registration Fees

Entire Series Individual Module
Exponent Philanthropy Members $300 $75
NonMembers $450 $100

Registration and Other Policies

Prior to the program, you will receive your unique access information and will also receive access to the recording following the program. By registering for this program, participants are agreeing to Exponent Philanthropy’s Participant Guidelines. Please contact us by email or at 202-580-6560 if you have any questions.

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