Meet the Experts: Session #2

2:30-3:00 pm – Join us 30 minutes early to get comfortable with the platform. The program will begin at 3:00 pm.

Our community is fueled by passion and sets itself apart by generously sharing our own best practices with one another. Our corporate partners are no different, and as some of the industry’s most knowledgeable leaders are available to share their guidance, perspective, and insights with you.

We invite you to join fellow grantmakers, advisors, and thought-leaders in the field of philanthropy for a special virtual event designed to guide purposeful conversations among philanthropy professionals and funders of all kinds.

Join a table, find a specific thought leader, or move around the “room” to learn something unexpected.

The program’s casual format allows you to get familiar with various members of our network and their expertise in a solicitation-free environment. Feel free to come prepared with questions for a specific individual or leave your contact information with them during the event.

Meet the Experts

Meet Peter Klein at Table 2 to talk about: (1) Investment management & strategy, (2) Investment policy statement reviews, (3) Socially responsible investing themes.
ALINE Wealth is focused on delivering comprehensive solutions for the future and legacy of our clients, including family foundations and endowments. These solutions are steeped in optimized portfolio management and a resolute understanding of our clients’ objectives and risk constraints to deliver honest, client-focused intelligence, where clients come first. And second. And third.

Meet Alexis Fish at Table 3 to talk about: (1) Grantmaking best practices, (2) Impact management, (3) Applicant stewardship.
Blackbaud is committed to providing foundations with powerful solutions for grants management and financial accounting. Learn more about how we can help you maximize impact.



Meet Dan George at Table 4 to talk about: (1) Building an investment portfolio with a focus on minority-owned investment firms, (2) Opportunistic investing in a pandemic-driven sell off, (3) Balancing the investment equation: spending, inflation and investment returns in an uncertain environment.
At Ellwood Associates, we have been guiding foundations and nonprofits for more than 40 years in their quest to balance the foundation equation: meeting investment objectives with appropriate asset allocation.


Meet Grant Elliott at Table 7 to talk about: (1) What grantmakers are doing to respond to COVID-19, (2) Simplifying your grant application workflow, and (3) Working with your grantee’s to maximize impact.
Foundant Technologiesprovides intuitive, integrated solutions to help maximize the impact of the philanthropic community. Through a company-wide dedication to honest, lasting relationships Foundant strives to ensure client success above all else.


Meet Huldah Robertson at Table 1 to talk about: (1) Adjusting your investment policy and grantmaking distributions in the wake of the pandemic, (2) Racial equity investing, and other mission-aligned investing strategies, (3) Next generation philanthropy and family education.
Glenmede Endowment & Foundation Management, an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO), is responsible for successfully and prudently stewarding over $8.5 billion for foundations and nonprofit organizations. Glenmede clients benefit from the access and experience gained through more than sixty years of providing sophisticated endowment-style management, philanthropic advisory services, and sustainable and impact investing expertise.


Meet Suzanne Hammer at Table 5 to talk about: (1) Board and family dynamics, (2) Next generation engagement and leadership transitions, (3) Grant strategy and forging meaningful partnerships with community.
At Hammer & Associates our goal is to help you pair your philanthropic passion with a meaningful strategy through a bespoke menu of services.


Meet Pedro Arista at Table 6 to talk about: (1) Private & public partnerships, (2) Community engagement for impact.
Hirsch & Associates Philanthropic Advisors works with individuals, families, and foundations to craft and implement giving opportunities that actively create an equitable and uplifting world.


Meet Manisha Kathuria at Table 8. Neuberger Berman is an independent, employee-owned investment manager which manages a range of strategies—including equity, fixed income, quantitative and multi-asset class, private equity, real estate and hedge funds—on behalf of institutions, advisors and individual investors globally.


Meet Stephanie Ellis-Smith at Table 9 to talk about: (1) Multi-gen family philanthropy, (2) Social justice philanthropy, (3) Participatory grantmaking.
Phila Engaged Giving is a values-driven philanthropic advisory firm that works exclusively with donors interested in leaving a philanthropic legacy.


Meet Bruce Raabe at Table 10.
Relevant Wealth Advisors, with over five decades of experience acting as fiduciaries on behalf of our foundation clients (as an OCIO), has developed a unique level of engagement with our foundation boards. This ensures their chosen mission and vision are protected by a comprehensive and collaborative investment management process.


Meet Michelle Hoexum at Table 11 to talk about: (1) Direct community capital investing, (2) Values aligned investing and philanthropic mission, (3) Socio-economic barriers to creating and building wealth.
Revalue: Financial navigators, connecting people to purpose by crafting values-aligned financial plans, investment portfolios, and educational programming in partnership with direct community capital deployment. Redefining wealth, for good.


Meet Justin Goldbach at Table 12 to talk about: (1) Designing and running philanthropic prizes, competitions, and fellowships, (2) Managing co-funding initiatives, (3) Organizing impactful convenings.
Social Strategy Associates is an inspired consultancy, passionate about the power of philanthropy and business to positively impact our world’s most pressing social and environmental issues.


Meet Betsy Brill at Table 14 to talk about: (1) Foundation management, (2) Next generation transitions and family philanthropy, (3) Planning (starting up and refining strategies, structure, and processes).
Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd. is a global philanthropic advisory firm headquartered in Chicago. Since 2000, the firm has been at the forefront of helping individuals, families, closely-held and family-owned businesses plan, assess, and manage their charitable giving. With our team of full-time professionals and associates, we offer a customized suite of services that focus on donor intent and positive impact.


Meet Jeff Glebocki at Table 15 to talk about: (1) Planning (start-up, refining, spend-down), (2) Evaluation, 3) Leadership succession.
Strategy + Action: As an advisor and past foundation executive, I help funders become catalysts for change in communities and causes they serve. Planning, evaluation, organizational development, board and staff executive coaching, facilitation.



Meet a foundation representative at Table 13.
TD Charitable Foundation.





Meet Sonia Kowal at Table 16 to talk about: (1) Impact investing, (2) Reducing risk in investments, (3) Investment policy statements.
Zevin Asset Management is a boutique wealth advisor that helps foundations across the country grow their assets while seeking a healthy planet and an equitable society.


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Meet the Experts 2020

About the Session

Join us for a special virtual event to meet some of the most knowledgeable members of our community. Our partners, at both the sustaining and professional levels, are well-respected experts in a wide array of topics and services.

You’ll meet representatives of many small and large firms as well as sole practitioners, as well as other funders. All are an integral part of our network: sharing their expertise at our events and supporting both our organization and the field.

Each event will provide you an opportunity for casual “meet & greet” experiences using Remo, our virtual roundtable platform.

Session #1: Wednesday, September 16 @ 3-4:30pm
Session #2: Wednesday, September 23 @ 3-4:30pm

You will receive an email with a link before the program to access the event. You’ll need to use a desktop, laptop, orsmartphone with Chrome, Safari, or Firefox as your browser.

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