Nonprofit Resiliency Through Collaborative Education

This complimentary webinar is through our partner, Foundant.

In this educational webinar, The Gifford Foundation and consulting partners will discuss how they’ve worked together to build educational initiatives that further the goals of the foundation and their community – creating a foundation of resiliency across their nonprofit community.

By leveraging talented staffing resources to listen closely to their nonprofits and community members, Gifford has identified key areas where training and convenings bridge the gap through uncertainty, offer guidance to build on shared interests, or diversify voices in nonprofit leadership. These educational initiatives manifest through collaborative workshops, board development education, consultant trainings, and more.

Join us to learn from the Gifford Foundation and their partners and ask questions to identify areas where you can leverage their experience and expertise in your own organization.

You’ll learn:

  • How they’ve come together with area consultants to give them the tools needed to support their nonprofit community.
  • How those workshops, convenings, and trainings are structured for maximum benefit.
  • How this strategy creates unintended positive impact for nonprofits outside of The Gifford Foundation’s funding ecosystem.


Lindsay McClung | Associate Director, The Gifford Foundation
Jennifer Bonnett | President & CEO, Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute
Abby Wilkymacky | Founder, MindflowerStudio
Kim Larkin | Founder & Principal, MXDarts

Sammie Holzwarth | Product Manager, Foundant Technologies

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