Replay: Outsized Impact Film Festival Shorts - Exponent Philanthropy

Replay: Outsized Impact Film Festival Shorts

Exponent Philanthropy has hosted an Outsized Impact Film Festival at the fall Annual Conference for the past two years. Each year we’ve shown five short films that celebrate changemaking, both the internal and external work that foundations do. Join us today as we replay two short films from a past festival. And after watching the shorts, we’ll head into breakouts for informal conversation with filmmakers Jessie Galloway and Fallon Peterson.

The two short films have a combined running time of 20 minutes. Here is more about the two shorts:

Film #1: Authentic Workspace for BIPOC Individuals. Have your efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion genuinely created an inclusive workspace for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)? Explore the insights on hiring and onboarding from the perspective of two Black women to better understand what foundations should consider.

  1. With Fallon Peterson of The Raymond John Wean Foundation, an Ohio-based family foundation dedicated to community building that promotes a racially equitable future where one’s race identity has no influence on how one fairs in society.

Film #2: Everyone Can Communicate. By sharing the stories of staff, board, and advisory group members, Ability Central hopes to break down stereotypes and bring awareness to the overwhelming need to ensure communication and information access for those who are Deaf, disabled, and neurodivergent, because 1 in 6 people will have or acquire a communication disability in their lifetime.

  1. With Jessie Galloway of Ability Central, an Oakland, California-based foundation with 13 years’ experience working to ensure that people who are Deaf, disabled, and neurodivergent can communicate and access information.


 Jessie Galloway (she/her) is the program officer at Ability Central and she is a poet and educator with 18 years of nonprofit development and program management experience. As a person with disabilities who has a sister with disabilities, she is passionate about working in philanthropy to direct funds supporting communication access for the community.


Fallon Peterson serves as senior director of programs & operations at The Raymond John Wean Foundation. Fallon holds a master’s in health education – public and community health from the University of Cincinnati and a bachelor’s in chemistry from Hampton University. Fallon is a graduate of Exponent Philanthropy’s Next Gen Fellowship program and Rockwood’s Art of Leadership for Philanthropic Leaders.

Tina Kimbrough serves as executive director of programs at The Nord Family Foundation. Previously, she worked for Oberlin College in admissions focusing on multicultural recruitment. Tina serves on Philanthropy Ohio’s Education Initiative Steering Committee and is a 2020 graduate of the Next Gen Fellows Program. She holds degrees from The University of Michigan and Loyola University Chicago.