Virtual Town Hall & Member Meeting

While the past year has been fraught with crisis and uncertainty for all of us, the Exponent Philanthropy community has been a place of support for lean funders of all kinds.

Once more, we will come together, this time for a virtual Town Hall and Member Meeting where our leadership will reflect and engage the community through:

  1.  Keynote address by Academy Award-winning actress Marlee Matlin
  2.  Organizational updates and reflections
  3.  Board member elections and business
  4.  Announcement of the 2020 Outsized Impact Award winner
Many thanks to WITH Foundation for generously supporting Marlee Matlin’s keynote address.


Inclusion, Diversity, and Access

As we all work towards increasing our impact through greater equity, what must we recognize about ourselves and the colleagues we make decisions with, as well as those we fund? We know that diversity, equity, and inclusion all contribute to more impactful grantmaking. And we know Ms. Matlin’s personal story and life of advocacy will help you be more open to including diverse perspectives, life experiences, backgrounds, and dreams into your grantmaking, ultimately to the advantage of your community.


About Marlee Matlin 

Marlee Matlin received worldwide critical acclaim for her film debut in Paramount Pictures’ Children of a Lesser God, for which she received the Academy Award for Best Actress. At 21, she became the youngest recipient of the Best Actress Oscar and only one of four actresses to receive the honor for her film debut. In addition to the Oscar, she received the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama. Though Ms. Matlin lost her hearing when she was only 18 months old, she never let her challenges dictate her future or deter her dreams. In addition to a long, successful Hollywood career, Ms. Matlin has dedicated herself to raising awareness for many humanitarian causes, giving voice to the voiceless along with diversity and LGBTQ rights. She is also a staunch advocate for children and a champion for those struggling against domestic abuse and addiction (battles she knows well).