Guest Blogging Guidelines

Tell your story.

The Exponent Philanthropy blog highlights funders who are intentionally keeping their operations lean and ears to the ground, nimbly maneuvering their dollars, skills and leadership to make an impressive impact. The most powerful posts take the reader on your journey and explain not only what you did but why, connecting them emotionally to the story being told.

Our mission is to amplify and increase the impact of lean funders by building an inclusive community where they can learn, connect and collaborate.

Our audience is those interested in philanthropy, who may or may not be new to Exponent Philanthropy. This includes current and prospective members, colleague organizations, corporate partners and other philanthropy advisers, and media.

Guest Blogging Guidelines


Blogs should run between 300-800 words (500 is ideal). Be as concise as possible; online readers tend to leave long pages before they’re finished reading.


Write in an easy to understand and accessible style. Use active voice as much as possible.

  • Active voice: The sentence’s subject performs and action. Ex: Philanthropists fund an array of causes.
  • Passive voice: An action is applied retroactively to the subject. Ex: An array of causes are funded by philanthropists.


Titles should not exceed 70 characters in length.

Hyperlinking Text

Keep the number of links in your article to five. Any highlighted text should tell the reader what the destination page is about. Use snippets of text that would make sense on their own.

Pictures, Graphics & Charts

The format for any picture, graphic or chart needs to be .jpg or .png. A mention of the source needs to be included at the bottom.

Your Bio

Please also provide a short bio (up to 50 words) including your role, social media handles, and links to your website or other contact information.

Formatting & Editing

Subheads are greatly encouraged and we may use them to break up big blocks of text. Include bulleted lists and such for readability. We reserve the right to edit the blog for grammar, relevance, voice and clarity.

Publishing & Promotion

We may promote your blog via social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), email newsletter and Essentials. We encourage you to distribute your post on your own social media, respond to any comments (including comments on the blog post) and enjoy the attention!

Template for a Member Story Blog Post

If you’re struggling to structure your post, see the template below. But you needn’t adhere to it:

  • Title: Cut to the chase. Readers should know what they’re getting when they click on the blog. The basic formula “How We Did X With Y” can work well.
  • Introduction: Grab the reader’s attention at the very beginning by being really open, honest, provocative or counterintuitive. What was the challenge or goal? Introduce yourself and give a little context about the foundation.
  • The steps: Explain the why. Take your reader through your journey. List your steps clearly. You can even denote them with subheadings.
  • Conclusion: What did you learn? What was the impact?

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