Next Gen Staff & Trustees

Are you a young professional in philanthropy who serves as staff or on the foundation board? Calling those ages 18–35 years old who are involved in all types of foundations to join in conversations with peers. Conversation topics will be crowdsourced from what’s on your mind, so bring your ideas. About Virtual Roundtables These are... Read More

New to Philanthropy

Starting in a new field can be exciting and also overwhelming. There is much to learn and absorb: best practices, the language of philanthropy, your organization’s history and culture, the needs of your community, how to find support and peers, and more. You might also be considering how you can best bring your skills and... Read More

Very Small Funders

This afternoon’s roundtable is for those who consider themselves very small funders, with less than ~$250,000 to distribute each year. Whether your foundation is staffed or not, you’re welcome to network with colleagues. We will crowdsource topics, so bring questions you want to discuss. About Virtual Roundtables These are low-key member conversations that allow you to... Read More