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Disability Inclusion Workshops

As philanthropists, we envision communities that value and support people in all their diverse manifestations. We promote equality of opportunity and equitable outcomes. Yet, when we talk about diversity and inclusive philanthropy, we often mention disability at the very end of a long list—if it gets mentioned at all.  We must deepen our understanding of... Read More

Workshop #2: Managing Bias

 A more inclusive and culturally responsive workplace requires an understanding of bias and how its impact on teams. This workshop aims to empower how we engage others and make decisions at work. Participants will wrestle with the personal, cultural, and professional manifestations of bias.    Learning outcomes include:  Define bias and identify its impact in the workplace.  Explore how... Read More

Workshop #1: Best Practices for Disability Inclusion: A 101 Conversation Around Disability

Disability is often used to reference an individual’s physical and/or mental health conditions, and their relation to hospitals, rehabilitation services, and other medical services. This interactive workshop will help you understand disability prevalence and move beyond symptoms to focusing on inclusion. You will leave with guidance around reasonable accommodations and cultivating a culture that is inclusive of... Read More