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Exponent Philanthropy is a vibrant membership organization with programs and resources designed specifically for funders working with limited infrastructure. We pride ourselves on our practical guidance, warm and welcoming culture, and a strong commitment to member service.

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Who Is Eligible For Membership?

Membership is open to all philanthropic organizations and individuals that award charitable gifts to more than one recipient annually.

  • Organizational membership is open to all philanthropic organizations (e.g., private foundations, independent foundations, charitable trusts, operating foundations, community foundations, public charities) that award charitable donations to more than one recipient annually.
  • Individual membership is open to any person who is not affiliated with a philanthropic organization but awards charitable donations to more than one recipient annually.

Who Is Not Eligible For Membership? Organizations and professionals whose primary business is to offer services or giving platforms to philanthropic organizations and individuals. We encourage organizations and professionals who offer services to philanthropic organizations and individuals to learn about our partnership program.

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Our Membership Dues Schedule

2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026
Signature $780 $795 $815 $830 $850 $870
SignaturePLUS $1820 $1860 $1900 $1940 $1980 $2020


Remember: Membership fees and contributions are qualifying administrative expenses for private foundations and contribute toward the required annual minimum distribution.