Very Small Funders Advisory Group

This group advises on the interests and needs of a significant part of Exponent Philanthropy’s community: foundations, individual donors, and collective giving entities that have $5 million or less in assets, and practice their philanthropy with 1 or fewer paid staff.

Solna A. Braude

Braude Foundation
Santa Clara, CA

Gary L. Castagnola

Ellen & Clarence Peterson Foundation
Downey, CA

Patrick Fleming

The Aunt Kate Foundation
Falls Church, VA

Dr. Richard B. Frost, M.D.

Chapel Hill Foundation, Inc.
Plattsburgh, NY

Scott Gelzer

Brandon Gelzer Memorial Fund
Lake Geneva, WI

Elizabeth Grinnell

Enchanted Life Foundation
Las Cruces, NM

Ted G. Hoffman

Vera C. Hendry Foundation
Sonoma, CA

Claire A. Karnas

Anne Spychala Family Foundation
Bluffton, SC

Celeste Land

Land Family Foundation
Vienna, VA

Landon B. Lane, Jr.

L. B. Lane Family Foundation, Inc.
Hickory, NC

Nan M. Pugh

Pugh Family Foundation
Lafayette, LA