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Exponent Philanthropy is the only organization dedicated to funders who practice philanthropy with few or no staff—the country’s largest segment of philanthropy. Our community is making a tremendous impact locally, nationally, and globally. Our members are often catalysts for change in their communities and serve as mentors, partners, and coaches to nonprofit leaders working to address our most pressing social challenges.

Yet the funders who are part of our community have limited time and keep their administrative expenses to a minimum. That’s why we are such an important resource for them. We serve the integral role of connecting these important philanthropists so they can learn with and be inspired by one another. We provide the education and guidance that makes their philanthropy more impactful, and we champion their impact.

Your Support Is Needed; Membership Dues Support Less Than 50% of Our Operating Costs

Our success depends on the generous support of corporate partners, foundations, and individuals.

Our flat and modest dues structure is unique in the philanthropy sector. It allows us to have the largest reach among philanthropic organizations in terms of the number of funders served. In addition to membership dues, our activities are funded through program registrations and publication fees, voluntary contributions from members, foundation grants, and corporate sponsorships.

For-profit organizations

Supporting our mission, programs, and activities provides opportunities to publicly show your support for the philanthropy community, build relationships with a key audience, and position you and your firm as thought leaders and sector experts.

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For more information, contact Jeanne Metzger at 202-580-6564.

Foundations and individuals

Non-dues revenue from foundations and individuals allows us to continue and expand our high-quality programs and services. Every contribution, no matter the size, helps us fulfill our mission and strengthen the effectiveness of our community.

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  • Commit to a voluntary dues increase. If your grant guidelines or bylaws limit your ability to support an organization like Exponent Philanthropy, commit to a voluntary dues increase. Membership dues are an administrative expense and can be included as part of your private foundation’s 5% distribution requirement. For more information or to commit to a voluntary dues increase, please contact our Membership Department at 202-580-6560.
  • Support a specific initiative. Our staff welcomes the opportunity to discuss current and future initiatives and how they may align with your funding priorities or interests. Please contact Jeanne Metzger at 202-580-6560 to explore possibilities.

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Learn about our 2018 accomplishments by downloading our 2018 General Operating Support Grant Report.

Exponent Philanthropy is a 501(c)(3) membership organization. Our EIN is 65-0617866. 

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