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Proposal Reviewers

We invite Exponent Philanthropy members to serve as reviewers of the 2022 Annual Conference Call for Sessions. As a reviewer, you will work alongside the Exponent Philanthropy Programs & Services Committee to evaluate proposals received through this year’s call for sessions.

We welcome all foundation members to join in the review, and in particular, we invite members with these perspectives: millennials, staff who are not EDs, trustees from unstaffed foundation, and board or staff who are people of color.

What You Will Review

Reviewers will examine a finite number of proposals and recommend sessions which are most relevant to the Exponent Philanthropy audience and meet the following criteria:

  1. Addresses one of the indicated topic areas. 
  2. Provides participants with practical guidance and take-aways. 
  3. Improves an existing practice or mindset, explores a new or emerging practice or mindset, OR offers a unique perspective on a trend in philanthropy. 

      The committee will review session proposals name blind, that is, solely on the strength of proposal in meeting the criteria.

      Session Review Schedule

      The Call for Sessions runs from March 18 to April 8. The size of you review docket will depend upon how many proposals we get total but will not exceed 40 sessions.

      March 18 Begin review, up to 4-5 hours of work
      April 1 Complete review
      April 8 Voluntary conference call to discuss session

      After April 1, Exponent Philanthropy staff will continue an internal review, announcing final sessions in early May.

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