Filing the Form 990-PF - Exponent Philanthropy

Filing the Form

How do you know if your foundation’s Form 990-PF is true, correct, and complete? Can you simply assume an accountant will get it right? Unfortunately, the answer is no. In fact, regulators estimate that at least 25% of all 990-PFs have errors.

Despite this statistic, there is hope. This primer highlights problem areas, offers tips, and summarizes laws associated with this important form. It also follows the actual Form 990-PF in sequence and provides:

  • Text boxes on the Form 990-PF that highlight common filing errors and give tips.
  • Snapshots of a sample Form 990-PF for fictional Cactus League Foundation.

While this form can be frustrating for even the savviest of accountants, this primer can help your foundation meet its requirements to the IRS and continue to receive significant tax privileges that allow you to fulfill your charitable mission.

54 pages