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A Leanly Staffed Funder’s Guide to Foundation Investing

Every foundation’s goal is to have a thoughtful, disciplined investment process that is aligned with the foundation’s purpose and goals. This guide provides a high-level overview to quickly help you understand different aspects of foundation investment. Within these pages, you’ll find out how to start off with an investment policy statement (IPS), why your foundation... Read More

Peer Coaching Guide

Peer coaching is a unique opportunity to build stronger connections with other lean funders. Through peer coaching, you’ll gain insights to elevate your individual and collective work in philanthropy. Use this guide to help you prepare, process and reflect upon your experiences during peer coaching. Exponent Philanthropy thanks Jen Lachman of Lachman Consulting for her... Read More

Spotlight Report
COVID-19: How Have Funders Changed Their Approach & What Will Stick?

In April, Exponent Philanthropy and PEAK Grantmaking each fielded a survey to see how our respective communities of funders were responding to the impact of COVID-19 on their communities, grantees, and internal operations and processes. Inspired by our members’ collaboration during these challenging times, PEAK Grantmaking and Exponent Philanthropy partnered to analyze the survey results... Read More

2019 Foundation Operations and Management Report

Let this report guide you in making operational decisions at your foundation with benchmarking data on boards and governance, grantmaking, investments, staff compensation, and more. Based on our annual Operations and Management Survey to our foundation members, this unique benchmarking tool gives powerful insight into the operations of small-staffed foundations in the United States. What are they... Read More