Ramping Up Your Foundation: Key Considerations for Planning and Managing a Significant Increase in Giving

Ramping up giving offers your foundation a number of opportunities, including deeper stakeholder engagement, extended reach and influence, new funding strategies, and greater impact in your interest area.

This primer is designed to help foundations like yours thoughtfully and responsibly plan for a significant ramp-up in giving and/or adjust to a sudden infusion of assets. Drawing on the experiences. It addresses key considerations for your leadership to consider in the following areas:

  • Governance
  • Staffing and Operations
  • Grantmaking and evaluation
  • Investments
  • Tax and Legal

Ramping up may seem daunting, but it offers an amazing opportunity for your foundation to increase its effectiveness. Using this resource can ensure that this process is significantly more focused, fulfilling, and effective. Includes a checklist of tasks to complete before and during a ramp-up.

20 pages