Are there any restrictions on a private foundation’s matching gift program for trustees/staff?

There are no restrictions on matching gift programs, although, to streamline the process, Exponent Philanthropy members typically choose to match gifts to public charities.

Here are how several members structure their programs:

  • We have a matching policy for our trustees and staff. It is budgeted as part of our grants budget.
  • Our foundation matches up to $1,000 per employee per year—there are 2 of us—as part of our grants budget. We request a receipt or letter from the recipient organization.
  • We have a matching gift program, and process them like we do our normal grants in Foundation Connect. We still struggle with right-sizing/grantee burden vs. needing basic info, especially because the amounts are normally small (less than $100). It’s also complicated because it seems organizations are really large or really small.
  • We have a robust matching gift program. Each family unit is allocated up to $10,000 to be matched by the foundation. The matching has been offered to the executive director at a lower level, but not other staff. We budget $300,000/yr from the grant budget for such matching and have been doing it for 20+ years.
  • Our family foundation has a $1,000/per year matching program for eligible family members and staff. The minimum match is $200.
  • We match up to $1,000 per person per year. We complete a form and send it to the nonprofit with our donation. The nonprofit has to complete a very short “application” online to receive the money. It comes out of our grantmaking budget.

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