Do you offer consulting services for families who want guidance in starting a family foundation?

We don’t offer consulting services that would help in setting up a foundation. We do have relationships with a number of firms and private consultants who do that kind of work. They’re listed in our Directory of Advisors.

If the foundation has already been started and the family wants to get up to speed on how to administer it:

  1. We offer 1-day seminars called Foundations 101 (which covers the basics of how to run a foundation) and Trustee Essentials (which covers the basics of what trustees need to know). Check our programs calendar to see if one is coming up.
  2. The Foundation Guidebook covers a lot of what happens in Foundations 101. Every member foundation receives one copy when they join, and additional copies are available for purchase.
  3. We also have a book called The Trustee Handbook. It covers what trustees/board members must know when they are responsible for a foundation. This is available for purchase on our website.

Still have questions?

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