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How can funders and grantees overcome barriers to trust?

Without open, honest conversations, funders can’t learn what nonprofits really need to deliver outcomes desired by funders, grantees, and, most of all, people and communities in need. One of the biggest barriers to getting the complete story is the lack of trust between funders and grantees. Another task is creating the conditions necessary to listen... Read More

How can I build better relationships with my nonprofit partners?

Our Great Funder–Nonprofit Relationships Toolkit is designed to help funders recognize the aspects of great relationships with nonprofit partners, assess competencies, and consider ways to improve how to work with one another. It walks through: The hallmarks of great relationships. A self-diagnostic that can help you identify opportunities for improvement. Two key skills that can... Read More

Do you have recommendations for anti-racist training for nonprofits?

Exponent Philanthropy is working on a list of books, resources and trainings, but here are some suggestions to start: “Allyship” workshop from Service Never Sleeps Anti-Racism Project resources “Beyond Lists: On White Allyship and Reparations” by Karen Pittelman BU Center for Antiracist Research DIA: Building Equitable and Inclusive Organizations How Philanthropy Can Help Achieve Racial... Read More