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Annual reports—does our foundation need one?

Some states require foundations to submit an “annual report” along with their Form 990-PF so that regulators can ensure foundations are fulfilling their charitable purpose. This is typically a template that must be completed, as determined by the state, and should not be confused with the voluntary annual reports created by many foundations. Well-written, voluntary... Read More

We’re hiring our foundation’s first executive director? Do you have sample job descriptions?

An executive director of a small-staffed foundation juggles many roles: strategic grantmaker, convener, collaborator, and, at times, board wrangler, media spokesperson, technical assistance provider, mediator, and the list goes on. This article will get you thinking about what should be included in your foundation’s executive director job description and link you to several sample executive... Read More

Our board will discuss spend-down at our next meeting. What can you tell me about the process?

It is becoming increasingly common for foundations to consider closing shop. Although the reasons you’re contemplating this option may be straightforward, the process of closing can be complicated. Download our publication Closing Shop: When Small Foundations Get Out of the Foundation Business to better understand the options and strategies for spending down effectively. You’ll find... Read More

What are the best practices for archiving communications/gift agreements from both inactive and active grantees?

Start with our publication Keeping Good Records: Small Foundations’ Guide to Staying Organized. It reviews the recommended documents to keep, and for how long, as well as other tips for archiving and organization. State law may influence how long certain documents should be kept, so you should check the requirements for your state as well.... Read More